Mediation Training

Conflict Coaching:

In a family crisis it is often the case that not all disputing members will consent to having a mediator assist in the resolution of the disputed issue. A conflict coach can help those willing to consider mediation to develop strategies for convincing reluctant family members to consent to mediation. The objective insight of an experienced mediator can make the difference needed to persuade the resistant family members to agree to formal mediation of the disagreement.


Elder Care Dispute Training:

As life expectancy continues to increase in the United States, so to do the number of disputes arising as result of the inability of family members to agree on how best to provide for the needs of the aging loved one whose health may be declining or income limited. If you find yourself in this situation, know that you are not alone and that there is now an array of options available to you, geared at helping you find the best solution possible. Our qualified specialist have the experience necessary to provide you with training and inform you of the benefits, risks and consequences on a broad range of elder-care decisions including, but not limited to estate planning, inheritance, interpreting the desires of the elder, defining roles and family members, health care decisions, choosing a caregiver, avoiding guardianship, housing, financial decisions, personal property distribution, legacy, medical decisions, quality of life, as well as end-of-life decisions.